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Pat rick

Chris Dennis helped me purchase my first home after I was referred to him by a family member, and he was very accommodating to my needs. I was in a spot where I wanted to casually watch the market and find the right fit on my own timeline, and Chris made sure I had the tools I needed without getting in the way. When I found the right place, Chris was there to give great input on what he saw without pressuring me in any way. He was a great asset throughout the transaction, keeping me assured throughout the negotiation and closing processes that everything was being properly handled. I also had a few interactions with others on the staff, and all of them were positive. I’d have no reluctance to recommend Chris to friends or family.

Matt Steele

Chris Dennis had the patience to help me through the purchase of my first home. He didn’t pressure me to settle for anything less than the right home, and his patience and willingness to answer all my questions ensured that I got the best home of the dozens of homes we looked at over a period of 9 months. Furthermore, his creativity and knowledge of the foreclosure market are what got our offer accepted.

Specifically, Chris and I saw a bank-owned property insisting on a cash-only offer, but saw a creative opportunity to put in a conventional offer with some simple fixes where other realtors might simply take “no” and move on. This resulted in my successful purchase of a great home in an amazing neighborhood. The result is much better than I could have ever anticipated.

It’s apparent that Chris is not only deeply knowledgeable about the local market, but he truly finds satisfaction out of delivering the best outcome for his clients. He explained everything thoroughly to ensure that I walked into closing without any concerns and left without any regrets. Chris continues to be a good friend and a good resource even after the closing, and I look forward to working with him again.

Corey Busch

Chris Dennis helped my wife and I buy our first house, a short sale, in the summer of 2011. The short sale took a long time (4 months) but was worth it. We have a nice house in an amazing neighborhood, where houses on our block sell for almost twice what we paid for ours.

Chris really cares about ALL of his clients. More times than I can remember he called me back on a Sunday or after 9pm on a weeknight. There were times I almost felt bad, thinking, “Chris, you should be talking with your fiancé, not me.” Chris got the sellers to leave their appliances for us; he got the bank to pay for our title insurance; and when the sellers left a pile of junk in the boulevard, he told us he’d personally pay to have it removed, if he had to. On the morning of our closing, he got food poisoning and had been up all night puking. Yet he spent over an hour on the phone helping us through some of the hiccups that arose that morning.

Chris does whatever it takes to make sure you get the best possible house for the best deal, not because of what is in it for him, but because he just wants his clients to happy in their new house.

Mark Hubbard

Chris came highly recommended to help navigate the recent housing market volatility. Chris was instrumental in guiding us through all available options as we looked to sell our house. Over a period of 18 months, Chris provided critical information well beyond the process of simply listing, showing, and ultimately selling our house that helped us secure the best possible outcome. His experience working with buyers, sellers, and banks was evident as we navigated through various issues and options that invariably came up. Chris’s depth of knowledge in the Minneapolis area, the intricacies of all options available to home sellers and buyers, and the realities of the retail landscape all played a significant factor in our overall satisfaction.

In addition, his entire team’s responsiveness and competence throughout the experience validated the decision to work with Chris.

I have recommended and will continue to recommend Chris to others.


We got to know Chris through a mutual friend and he represented us as the first-time home buyer’s agent. The way Chris helped us finding what we needed was extraordinary. Chris was very patient with us when we looked for houses in different neighborhood for a period of 8 months, always willing to make himself available to do multiple showings in a day if needed, rain or shine. He would share his experiences during the buying process that helped us making the right decisions. But the most important skill that we came to experience was Chris’ ability to work with the seller’s agents. He was able to put forward our position/constraints in a positive way to get the house for us that represented our interests. For us, Chris is an obvious choice to be recommended to our friends.

Abbey Kaestner

My experience with Lakes Area Realty was excellent. Chris explained the process we would be taking to sell my home and he and his team kept me up to date with the progress throughout the different steps. I feel that he listened to any question I had along the way and explained the real estate process in a way that I could understand. Chris’ extensive knowledge of the industry coupled with his experience and proven track record of sales was well-displayed in my interactions with him and his team.
He took what was a very difficult time for me, selling a house during a divorce, and made it a comfortable, controlled experience. Thanks Chris!

Phil Ehresmann

We worked with Chris Dennis on the recommendation of a friend who had a good experience with him. We have since recommended him to others because of his amiability, honesty, and experience. As first time home buyers he guided us through the process without pressure or condescension. We felt like we were treated equitably by his team regardless of the price range we were looking at. We closed on our house in June of last year and we have contacted him since with questions about home ownership and he helpfully answered them.

Sonia Chavez

I first started working with Chris Dennis 5 years ago, I have bought 5 residential properties, 2 Commercial, during the last five years we have look at dozens of properties, short sales and bank own,
keeping in mind that this transactions involve more that one party,Chris has always been very involved, very honest, very profecional and has work very hard for me.
I have friends that are realtors but to me Chris Dennis is the best I will recommend him to friends and family members.

Aron Khoury

Chris has successfully handled two real estate transactions on my behalf, neither of which were conventional sales. In with him as both a buyer and a seller, Chris keep me informed of his strategy and delivered results on all matters within his control.

Chris’ accessibility, professionalism and effectiveness made these difficult transactions much more manageable. I look forward to the opportunity to work with him in the future. Thanks to Chris and the Lakes Area Realty team.

Diana Peremislov

I’ve been working with Chris on purchasing a house about a year ago.Chris represented the seller. We had multiple issues with the seller and the house during and after the purchase, but Chris, although representing the seller, was going above and beyond his scope, trying to settle different agreements with the seller, suggesting great maintenance and repair teams and actually working the deal out. It wouldn’t have worked out without his help. Thank you, Chris, you’re awesome!

Nikki Ostrowski

We had the great pleasure of working with Chris Dennis for both the buying of our new home and the selling of our old home. Chris was very professional throughout the process and did a good job of keeping us updated of various delay and/or unexpected things that came up. We will definitely use Chris again for our future needs.

Brent Meyer

I worked with Chris and his team to sell my house a little over a year ago. After using several other realtors who couldn’t (or wouldn’t) take on the challenge, Chris came highly recommended by a friend of mine. It was a breath of fresh air to work with a guy who took his time explaining all the necessary steps, properly setting the expectations, and following through at every turn. After using Chris to sell my last house, I’ll be looking to him again when I’m ready to buy!

Benjamin Wolfgramm

Chris and his team helped me buy my first home nearly seven years ago. He helped me submit multiple offers on multiple properties before we found one that agreed to our terms.
Now, with a growing family, I plan to use Chris again when the time is right.


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